Talents from across the world with global projects under their belts

Going above and beyond is easy when you're motivated by the happiness of your clients.

Vlad Nedelcu

Co-founder & UX/UI Designer

When we work with someone, we prioritize their goals and make them happen. That's the quality of service we bring to every project. I've been a designer for over 11 years now. And my goal never changed: to create meaningful digital experiences that put brands in the spotlight.

Andrei Verzea

Co-founder & Developer

We created an agency that always delivers on the client's expectations. We're not afraid to put in the extra work. I've been a developer for 12 years now, but I never stopped keeping up with tech trends and development tools. This is how you learn. This is how you grow.

Adrian Sava

Software Engineer

I believe that our team gives it 110% every time. It's part of our credo - we never settle. When it comes to websites, my 10-year experience in development helps client goals come true. I am happy to transform theory into functionality.

Igor Zeru

UI Designer

With a focus on consistency, colors, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality, I create websites that engage visitors and convey your message effectively.

Alexandra Teodorescu

Lead Copywriter

Looking out for the client's best interest shouldn't be optional. I'm glad that we hold ourselves to higher standards and follow processes that help our clients feel confident and comfortable with their choices.

Ioana Negrea

Graphic Design & Illustrations

Tudor Bloju

Motion Artist

Our principles

People over profit

Our clients always come first. Each project has unique needs that require customized solutions. We walk the extra mile for our clients and never get tired of supporting them.

Quality is our priority

Our clients have our undivided attention at all times. Why? Because we're committed to a select number of projects at a time. This way, we remain available to our clients and focus on their best interest.

Seamless simplicity

Without a strong structure in place, we would lose your time and ours. That's why we've got a swift creative process that sets project expectations and follows goals, milestones, and results.

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